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Database Modeling

The process of creating a data model called the modeling database.


Search Engine Optymalization - Site optimization for search engines.


Cascading Style Sheets - language to present the layout and appearance of web page elements.

RWD - Responsive Web Design

The technique of designing web pages so that its appearance and layout will automatically adjust

to the window size of the device where it is displayed (eg browser, smartphone or tablet). Page created in this technique is universal and displays well both on large screens (such as Full HD) and on the screens of smartphones or tablets.

The operation of this technique is done using the so-called. Media queries - which will recognize the size of the browser and insert the appropriate style sheet, or a fragment thereof. For activities, we can also use a variety of JavaScript.


A good example of a responsive website is a page that you are currently watching. Catch the browser side edge (left or right), and change the size of the visible window. Page will automatically adjust to the width of your browser . This allows adjust the content in browsers on mobile devices to your browser. And your content will always be legible and will look good regardless of whether you watch it, for example, on your smartphone or on your tablet vertically or horizontally.