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SEO web design

It is a process to achieve the highest position of our website in the search engines.

SEO web design

It is a process to achieve the highest position of our website in the search engines.

When looking for the interesting content on the web, type phrases related to your topic in the search. The results appear in thousands and sometimes even millions of pages containing any information related to our topic. A place where our site is located in these results is of extreme importance. You have to remember that the first page of results collects about 95% of clicks, or potential customers. The remaining 5% is the result of imprecise question or curiosity of a number of Internet users who compare more tender than others.

So often the appearance of the first results is to be or not to be for the company.

The usage of meta tags and modifying content and positioning (very short introduction):

  • title - the most important title of the page displayed in the browser bar should clearly specify the maximum number of words of content
  • keywords - On this basis, Google estimates this page and position it in the results (and the thematic categories), well if these words are also somewhere in the content, I recommend max over a dozen words / phrases separated by commas
  • description - a brief description (like a summary) of the page / subpage, part of this description is visible in the results of search, to pour up to 200 characters
  • content - must be unique, otherwise Robots immediately recognize that this is a copy from some other site and our work will be in vain and our website will fall in the results on the gray end, well also on our website if there are new entries, you may want to think about something kind of news, events, tributes and Internet (hmmm. .. maybe I should) or blog ... or maybe forum
  • appearance of content - strange but it also has meaning, arrangement, color, font used, nobody will want to read "ugly texts", embossed, spacing, bulleted lists handy, they allow your eyes and relax a little more attractive site but without exaggeration
  • it is good to place keywords in the text under the titles / subtitles in the text or even bold, says it is important that the search phrase
  • graphics described - each picture has "alt" attribute talking about what is in the picture and "title" sometimes used, although it is frequently useful, good descriptions of images integrated with the content also strengthen the position of the website
  • good links to our site - for example try to modify any watchword in wikipedia about your business and add a link to your content or even just ask by e-mail other site owners to put a home link to your site, it is, can you exchange the links
  • semantic code - standards compliant HTML layout elements

I'm not expert of positioning but by following the above guidelines (good content most important) page itself somehow self positioning and pay tribute to companies for positioning is totally pointless...


  • my site about unemployment, type eg "bezrobocie forum" and pops up on the first page of results for a few million other sites... and frankly speaking nothing more than above was not done ... :), although it is also good to have a link to your site on another site but not on a farm links, and even website someone should have a good ranking in google
  • if you are reading this text, it means that this site is also well-positioned in google... although I did nothing more than described above...

Of course, the effects will not be seen right away, give the time to search engines for indexing of your content. If you are in shortage of time you should interested in a sponsored links. But just remember: you stop paying = your site will disappear from search engine....